Alireza Shiasi - علیرضا شیاسی

Alireza Shiasi

Business Developer & Corporate Entrepreneur

"I go where I create & I create where I go"

Persian: علیرضا شیاسی

I'm Alireza Shiasi. A Problem Solver & Innovation Manager, doing my job in and with Corporates as Corporate Entrepreneur.

I help businesses to find a new path to thrive, usually this exiting journey ends up in new ventures, strategy renewal and rejuvenation. Corporate Entrepreneurship is the combination of art and knowledge, which will help you and your business to make a difference, enter a new world and grow, against the odds. That's why I chose this path over going only with my past experinces in Construction, IT, Marketing other works I've done in the past.

With this path not only I can help more companies and people, I can experience more topics and sectors then share the joy of this journey with others like you.

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I'm a co-founder here, You must check it out!

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